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Hammock for your home or office - the best indoor decor idea

Hammock in your home or office now is a fancy and unusual decor addition and an easy way to add some zest to any interior that will definitely highlight your approach and personality itself.

We have selected several design options for completely different types of living and working space interior. Get inspired by ideas we prepared for you and update your home!


Colorful hammocks in the apartment or HDB are often used by creative people who are passionate about travelling and outdoor activities. It is so easy and convenient to remove the hammock from the fixture and take it with you to some trip or outdoor adventure. Vivid hammocks are also perfect for the kids’ or teenage room, student or creative person's homes.

Now tiny creative work spaces or startup offices came up with a nice solution of using hammocks in their interior. Not only small companies but even the giant Google has equipped its space with this perfect accessory for the relaxation during working day. It’s so easy to be inspired for new achievements after some quality time while swinging in a hammock.

On the photo below: Google offices in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Haifa (Israel).

Those who prefer laconic home interiors used to choose hammocks of natural tones, pure black or white hammocks. It brings a modern touch and stylish feature to your indoor space - living room, bedroom or cabinet. Also you can always add an original pillow as matching detail to monochrome hammock.

The executive's office being decorated with a hammock is supposed to tell more about the character of its owner rather than any other furniture item or furnishings. Here you are always welcome to get wise advice as you can be sure that your boss knows everything about work and quality rest as well.

We do hope that our ideas of using hammocks in your indoor living and working space interior will inspire you to bring some positive and comfortable changes into your surroundings!

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