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5 things you should know choosing your outdoor hammock

Now hammock has become an incredibly popular item for the outdoor setting bringing enjoyable experience to its owners. Buying the hammock for the outdoor use you should consider few things that will help you to make the most of your fresh air relaxation or camping time.

#1 Weatherproof

Choosing the hammock you should pay close attention to the material from which it was made. Today you may find a great choice of materials for the hammocks – nylon rope, polyester, cotton, nylon parachute material and silk. Acrylic yarn is an innovative material in hammock crafting that now used only by few manufacturers.

Synthetic material perfectly withstands the effects of weather. Acrylic yarn and nylon parachute material are especially famous for its weather resistance and quick drying features.

Cotton is also widely used in hammock crafting. Being a natural fiber, cotton is quite sensitive to rainy weather and direct sunlight and therefore fading and mildewing seem to be inevitable. If you’ll choose a cotton hammock it’s highly recommended to store it in a dry indoor space when it’s not in use.

#2 Design

Now hammock is not only the most welcome piece of outdoor gear but an excellent decor item that can add a stylish zest to the design of your garden area, terrace or any other outdoor setting. Monochrome or colorful textile will definitely bring its contrast vibe to your landscape design and can easily transform your outdoor lounge area.

#3 Air Flow

Ventilation is another quality of the hammock material that should be regarded. For example, parachute nylon material is barely breathable hence heats up faster. Acrylic yarn allows airflow through thousands of tiny cells preventing overheating and enhancing your body comfort.

#4 Comfort

The first thing that comes to mind while we’re talking about the outdoor hammock is an awesome comfort it gives. Nowadays acrylic yarn offers not only long-lasting durability but an ultimate comfortable relaxation. Acrylic yarn is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. Take your time checking the hammock material quality before your purchase.

#5 Usability

Lounging in a hammock you should also consider the health benefit. Revise the time you can stay without getting aches or marks. Jumbo hammocks are the most ergonomic one since allow you comfortably allocate in the recommended flat position. Hammock chair can be the other smart and helpful solution for your backyard design.

Zen Hammocks collections offer an excellent choice for the outdoor hammocks where quality, beautiful design and unmatched comfort are perfectly combined. Choose your favorite hammock and feel the difference!

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