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Hammock chair at home: how to choose the best one

Hammock is a functional and unusual decor addition for the interior of your balcony, room in HDB, apartment or private house. Even on a chilly evenings it would be lovely to sit in a hammock with a cup of your favorite tea or coffee.

Do you think you need to be the owner of a spacious residence to allocate a hammock in your house? We are happy to say that it’s not like that. You can buy a hammock chair for your apartment and comfortably place it even if you have a small living space. Hammock chair seems to be an ideal solution for a small HDB room or apartment.

Let us share with you few tricks about how to choose a perfect hammock and properly hang it in your house.

The main advantage of hammock chair is a pure combination of a full comfort and compactness that is so necessary for a small living area. An easy way to save your space is to attach a hammock chair to the ceiling. Choosing a hammock chair for the apartment we recommend to pay special attention to its models that can allow you to stretch out your legs almost for the full-length otherwise you will sit like in a back chair and most of the comfort will be lost. We have designed our white nylon hammock chair Resort with a concern of this important requirement for your full relaxation.

A hammock chair is ideal for a room of a teenager, student, creative person or book lover. It will definitely bring a bright zest to your interior and will give its owner true comfort and relaxation. In addition hammock chair is an excellent solution for the original and functional decoration of your balcony or terrace. Also you can hang it in the nursery and use like a cozy swing. However please remember that children under 7 years old should use the hammock under the parent supervision.

You can choose your own color of the hammock chair or decorate (or even create your personal) a hanging design within a style of your interior. You can choose a contrasting rope as well as the original design of the spread bar. Then hammock chair will also become an original element of the interior highlighting the approach and personality of its owner.

An important advantage of a hammock chair in front of a bean bag is its compactness. If you need to free some space you can always remove the hammock chair from the hook. And it’s quite easy to store them away (for example our nylon hammock chair Resort weight is only 1,5 kg).

If you are ready to use a hammock chair, please check the tips for fixing it your living space.

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