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Two ways to hang a hammock chair

Tips for fixing the hanging chair in the apartment.


Before hanging a hammock chair indoors decide about that sweet spot in your HDB, apartment, room or balcony.

Hammock chair should not obstruct the space or passage and cannot be located directly at the wall or in the corner itself. Choosing the location on the ceiling to install an anchor point it will be better to step back from the wall at least on 90 -110 cm. That will allow you not to lean on the wall with your back while using the hammock.

Use one of the hanging techniques below.

Hanging techniques for your hammock chair:


1. Classic fastening


Upon this technique you just use one anchor point on the ceiling along with a strong rope or a metal chain attached. Then fix the spread bar on that strong rope (usually wooden bar is used, however it can be any strong metals that support your weight) and connect it to the eyes of your hammock. You can buy these suspension sets in a local hardware store.

The remaining measurements are based on the size of your hammock chair. For instance, for our hammock chair Resort, the minimum distance to the walls or furniture from left and right should be 40 cm (in this case the width of the space - 90 cm). The optimal length of the spread bar should be around 120 cm. The length of the rope must be determined by the height of the ceilings and the height of the selected hammock chair model. Ensure that the distance from the floor is about 50-55 cm. Adjust it according to your height.


2. Swing fastening

For this type of fastening you need a little bit more space than for the classic one. It is necessary to mount two anchor hooks into the ceiling and hang a hammock chair using cords or strong ropes. In this case it will look like a swing and allows you to sway forth and back.

So if you made up your mind about the hammock chair in your apartment please follow the next set up instructions

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