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How to hang a hammock indoor

Originally hammocks were known for being used outdoors. But don’t be afraid of hanging your hammock indoors as it has perfect size for wall-to-wall installation in standard room or balcony and can be installed by following just simple instructions.

Actually for hang your hammock on a room or balcony you need just make 2 holes in the walls and install 2 hooks which already included in our free hammock kit. After it just hang a hammock and enjoy!

But for those who likes more detailed instructions there is many text below :)

A hammock inside your house or apartment is truly fancy thing that will transform your living space. It can be used as an additional seating, guest bed or relaxation sanctuary. Also hammocks can be removed easily from its fixtures when you need that space back again. Just follow next steps to mount the hammock indoors. 

Find the right location for hanging your hammock

Before bringing a hammock indoors you need to decide on the place for it. You can choose corners for cozy nesting place or you may put it in the center of the room to draw attention of your guests. Remember that placing it close to the wall will limit its swinging ability. However in average there will be enough to leave about 1-meter space between a hammock and necessary wall.

Prepare Suppliers

Once you find your perfect spot for this trendy item you need to get additional suppliers. Don’t be afraid of hammock ropes as they will add some rustic feature to your interior and chains will bring some contrast into room design. Materials needed:

  • two ropes or chains. Ropes are included in our FREE Hammock Kit.

  • drill bit

  • two S-hooks size M8 (Picture 2). Included in our FREE Hammock Kit.

  • stud finder


Hang Your Hammock

Once you’ve prepared the suppliers, begin to install the hammock using simple hanging techniques. Please take necessary precautions to avoid injury during hammock installation.

Make the Anchor Points

Usually the most convenient and time-saving way to hang your hammock is to attach it to the ceiling. At first you need to find studs with a stud finder, mark the center and drill a hole about 0.7 -1.2 cm deep. Also you can hang your hammock by using wall hooks on a proper retaining wall (at least 10 cm wide). Don’t use partition walls as they can crash under the additional weight. For the hammock wall fixture please be sure that the distance from S-hook to the floor is around 160-190 cm. (Picture 1)

Attach Bolts and Hooks

After drilling the hole in the ceiling, screw an eyebolt inside once it becomes quite difficult to tighten by hand.

Attach Hammock

Once the eyebolts and S-hook are in a place, the hammock can be easily attached. If it has some other details, like ropes, thread the ropes up through the S-hook. The rope should be long enough to ensure 70 cm of clearance between the hammock and the floor.

Attach the end of ropes or chain to the two hanging loops on the hammock. You can use the node like on the Picture 2. Stretch the hammock between the hooks regulating the rope or chain length up/down.

Check for Safety

Check your hammock’s safety before using. Tug the rope or chain, make sure it holds firmly. Then place some heavy objects to ensure its safety position. After that sit in a hammock and put your feet on the ground. Once hammock has been installed properly – sit back and enjoy your personal indoor retreat.

Here are few recommendations for you:

  • Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of the hammock.

  • Be certain that the angle of the hammock should exceed 25 degrees when you use it.

  • Once you use chains, do not allow them to be twisted by flipping over the hammock.  

  • Do not leave your children in a hammock without supervision.

  • Do not jump in the hammock and do not use it as a playground swing.



When hammock is not in use you can remove it and store for a time. The anchor points will stay in the wall, but you can hide them by placing some decorative patch on or by hanging pictures/pot of flowers etc. Once you decide to bring a hammock indoor you’ll never remove it and will definitely enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of modern design and relaxation.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

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