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Wash & Care

Hammock care instructions

Our hammocks are easy to wash and care. You need to take just 4 simple actions to make your hammock refreshed and soft after long-term use:

1. Remove the hammock from the hooks.

2. Put it into a warm water with a gentle detergent. Leave it to soak for 10-15 minutes and wash by hand. Rinse thoroughly in a clean water. On second stage if you  want to make hammock softer you can add some softener, leave for several minutes and after rinse again.

3. Carefully hang it in a dry place away from heaters and sunlight.

4. Allow to air dry. ​

(!)  Important for acrylic yarn hammocks. Please note that we use triple acrylic yarn for our hammocks to be strong and comfortable, but it can be sensitive to snags. While using this hammock be careful with buttons, zippers, keys and other sharp objects on your clothes and in back pockets that may damage it. 

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